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Chapter 50: Serving as Negeri Sembilan’s Fatwa Committee Member

“Dear Muslimin blessed by Allah SWT. Among the purposes of the revelation of Allah SWT [...]

Chapter 49: The Beginning of My Writing of Syarah Hikam

“It may be just plain rice, a few dishes and salted egg, alhamdulillah. Everything is [...]

Chapter 48: Learning Not Only in the Classroom

Diploma in Islamic Studies Program is a new program founded as a result of the [...]

Chapter 47: The Place Where It All Started

“Dad, mom… this is my first salary. I want to give it to you, dad, [...]

Chapter 46: From Paroi to Pasir Panjang

“Alhamdulillah…” Zul said as he smiled looking at the sunrise from Taman Paroi Jaya, Seremban, [...]

Chapter 45: Goodbye O the Land of Syria

“Zulkifli, you’ve nearly completed your thesis. It has been a year of you going back [...]

Chapter 44: My Travels to the United Kingdom

“Welcome to the United Kingdom, Ustaz Zul!” Husni greeted him, holding out his hands to [...]

Chapter 43: One in Syria, the Other in Ireland

Zul took the opportunity to visit one of his teachers in medina during the hajj [...]

Chapter 42: “Ustaz Zul, Are You Taken?”

“Insya-Allah, next week we’ll be departing to mecca for hajj. We’ll ride with our friends [...]

Chapter 41: The Fragrance of Maulidurrasul in Syria

The fragrant aroma of desserts and delicacies in Souq al-Hamidiyah which is located in the [...]