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Chapter 30: From Medina to Syria

While waiting for the result of the interview he had at KUSZA, Zul has begun [...]

Chapter 29: Failing the Interview for a Lecturer Position in KUSZA

It was a nearly 8-hour journey for him to arrive at Subang International Airport. Zul’s [...]

Chapter 28: Ma’assalamah O the Land of Medina

“Syeikh Soleh, I’m going back home to Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, I’ve completed my studies in the [...]

Chapter 27: “I’m a Dual University Graduate!”

“Sarah, how many years do you think Zul spent in Medina?” Grandpa Aki asked testing [...]

Chapter 26: Cherished Friends

“Dear students blessed by Allah, The Islamic University of Medina always emphasizes the strengthening of [...]

Chapter 25: If We Could Turn Back Time

“Zul, hurry up…we’re going to be late. I think Maulana is already there!” Zulkifli Singapore [...]

Chapter 24: Kulliyyah Shariah Islamic University of Medina’s Syllabus

“Zul, did you get what Syeikh Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Mukhtar’s explanation just now?” Azhan asked [...]

Chapter 23: Cowboy Hajj

“Grandpa, Muslims perform their hajj in Mecca, right? Is Mecca far from Malaysia?” Sarah suddenly [...]

Chapter 22: The One Who Taught Me Knowledge and Manners

“My name is Zulkifli bin Mohamad. I’m from Terengganu, Malaysia. Here, I’m studying in the [...]

Chapter 21: Precious Memories

I used to own a light orange Mazda 929 “Ayub, hurry up. I’ll be late [...]