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Chapter 61: First Day as the Mufti

This morning is unlike any other morning. After performing the Subuh prayer, Zulkifli puts on [...]

Chapter 60: Responsibility, Not Greatness

Prologue II Alhamdulillah, the first volume which is the compilation of 59 chapters of my [...]

Chapter 58: She Is My Mother

“Well, if it’s Zul, he wouldn’t eat any cheap fish ever since he was young. [...]

Chapter 57: The Beginning of a Journey

“Ustaz, I think it’s about time for you to change your car. Hehehe…” Hasrulnizam joked [...]

Chapter 56: Fatwa, Usul al-Fiqh and INFAD

My experience socializing and interacting with various races during my studies truly open my mind [...]

Chapter 55: My Travels to Syria, Egypt and Indonesia

“I’m very happy with your visit to Malaysia. Malaysians are close to my heart although [...]

Chapter 54: My Memory with Syeikh Dr Wahbah al-Zuhaili

“This question is for Dr Zulkifli bin Mohamad al-Bakri. I want to ask regarding the [...]

Chapter 53: New Resolve at USIM

“The financial situation in UNITI College isn’t going well right now. Even the country’s economy [...]

Chapter 52: My Memory in Singapore

“I’d like to introduce Ustaz Abdul Rahman, he’s also an Islamic Medina University alumnus. Maybe [...]

Chapter 51: That Is Dakwah. Tiring but Fulfilling

It was a calm and peaceful morning just like any other morning in Lekir Room. [...]