Chapter 12: Al-Arqam and Nadamurni
I long for the glory of Islam Rise again with splendour O Islam Echoing the previous triumphs in Islam I...
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chapter 11 1
Chapter 11: The Story of a Kampung Kekura Boy in Front of Syeikhul Azhar
“Are you sure about getting a motorcycle? It’s dangerous, you know how many accidents are reported since...
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chapter 10 1
Chapter 10: Usrah, Tarbiah and Dakwah
During his studies in SMAASZA Batu Burok, Zul remained active in takraw. Most of his time he spent in...
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Chapter 8: 11A’s in SMASZA Ladang
“It’s fine, Mi. I’ve got your back. It’s unfair for the school to treat you like that.” Zul said, patting...
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Chapter 7: Days of Celebration in Islam
“What happened next, Granpa Aki? Why did Zul got expelled?” Sarah asked ardently. “I’m sure you are dying...
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chapter 6 1
Chapter 6: SMASZA Ladang’s Takraw Athlete
Zul jogged towards the bus stop near the main road followed by Khairul. Khairul is just a year younger...
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chapter 5 1
Chapter 5: Raya Celebration
A few days before Eidulfitri, people will gather at Pasar Payang, Kuala Terengganu to shop for household...
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Chapter 9: Bekwoh in Tranung
Marriage is the sunnah of Rasullullah PBUH and sanctioned in the Quran and hadith, it is an innate desire...
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prologue 1
Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to write my life’s memoir, compiling the valuable lessons I’ve gained...
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chapter 2 1
Chapter 2: Unlike Before
Every day, since early in the morning Hajah Ramlah would busy herself in the kitchen preparing breakfast...
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Chapter 1: Village Boy
Scratching the dirt on the ground with her dinky toe, Sarah sighs slowly saying, “Grandpa, I’m bored....
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chapter 3 1
Chapter 3 : Ramadhan in Kubang Kekura
“Everyone, wake up. Rise and shine.” Hajah Ramlah starts to wake her children up. Zul stretches and rubs...
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