chapter 36 1
Chapter 36: My Memory with Syeikh Sadiq Habannakah
Through the lesson by Syeikh Sadiq Habannakah al-Maidani, Zul was introduced to a broader view in understanding...
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Chapter 35: My Memory with Syeikh Dr Mustafa al-Khin
Most Syrian scholars are gifted by Allah SWT with the expertise and comprehensive knowledge in fiqh and...
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Chapter 34: Master’s Degree Student at al-Majma’ al-‘Ilmi al-‘Ali, Jami’ al-Sadat
In the early morning, Zul, Azli and Hazman were all standing in wait in front of Majma’ al-‘Ilmi al-‘Ali...
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Chapter 33: Damascus: Love at First Sight
The sun has started to shine since 6.30 in the morning. Zul, Azli, and Hazman are all up and smartly...
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Chapter 32: Farewell Jordan
“I bet Zul had a lot of fun he went to visit and go sightseeing in Jordan,” Sarah suddenly interjects...
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Chapter 31: Stopover in Jordan
In 1989 – 1993 Zul was in Medina. In 1994, Zul begins his journey for knowledge of Syria. Once again,...
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Chapter 30: From Medina to Syria
While waiting for the result of the interview he had at KUSZA, Zul has begun his search for postgraduate...
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chapter 29 1
Chapter 29: Failing the Interview for a Lecturer Position in KUSZA
It was a nearly 8-hour journey for him to arrive at Subang International Airport. Zul’s return was welcomed...
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Chapter 28: Ma’assalamah O the Land of Medina
“Syeikh Soleh, I’m going back home to Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, I’ve completed my studies in the Islamic...
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Chapter 27: “I’m a Dual University Graduate!”
“Sarah, how many years do you think Zul spent in Medina?” Grandpa Aki asked testing his granddaughter...
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Chapter 26: Cherished Friends
“Dear students blessed by Allah, The Islamic University of Medina always emphasizes the strengthening...
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Chapter 25: If We Could Turn Back Time
“Zul, hurry up…we’re going to be late. I think Maulana is already there!” Zulkifli Singapore invites...
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