chapter 48 1
Chapter 48: Learning Not Only in the Classroom
Diploma in Islamic Studies Program is a new program founded as a result of the joint venture of Zulkifli...
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chapter 47 1
Chapter 47: The Place Where It All Started
“Dad, mom… this is my first salary. I want to give it to you, dad, mom,” Zulkifli places a folded envelope...
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chapter 46 1
Chapter 46: From Paroi to Pasir Panjang
“Alhamdulillah…” Zul said as he smiled looking at the sunrise from Taman Paroi Jaya, Seremban, Negeri...
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chapter 45 1
Chapter 45: Goodbye O the Land of Syria
“Zulkifli, you’ve nearly completed your thesis. It has been a year of you going back and forth to meet...
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chapter 44 1
Chapter 44: My Travels to the United Kingdom
“Welcome to the United Kingdom, Ustaz Zul!” Husni greeted him, holding out his hands to shake hands with...
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chapter 43 1
Chapter 43: One in Syria, the Other in Ireland
Zul took the opportunity to visit one of his teachers in medina during the hajj season 1996. He asked...
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chapter 42 1
Chapter 42: “Ustaz Zul, Are You Taken?”
“Insya-Allah, next week we’ll be departing to mecca for hajj. We’ll ride with our friends in Jordan,...
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chapter 41 1
Chapter 41: The Fragrance of Maulidurrasul in Syria
The fragrant aroma of desserts and delicacies in Souq al-Hamidiyah which is located in the old town of...
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chapter 40 1
Chapter 40: Pearls of Wisdom in the Land of Syria
“Ustaz Zul, can I learn the Hikam book from you…?” Azlan’s greeting stopped Zul from his thoughts. Zulyadain...
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chapter 38 1
Chapter 39: The Beautiful Character of the People of Halab
“Did Zul go to visit any of his Arab friends in Syria? I’m curious as to the custom of people there....
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chapter 38 1
Chapter 38: Tea at Marjeh Square
Weekends are among the days on which Zul is free in Damascus. Considering there is nothing of importance...
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chapter 37 1
Chapter 37: My Memory with Syeikh Dr Muhammad Sa’id Ramadhan al-Buti
“Blessed audiences by Allah SWT. Islam started to spread to Medina in that year. As promised, a group...
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